Hero Academia is a tight knit, Semi-Hardcore Progression guild.

We are a young guild. We were the number one 6-hour Alliance Raid Team in NA(BoD). We have raided as a team for only three tiers. In that short time we have built a strength of core members capable of clearing content that teams forged over many expansion cannot. Our team has rapidly grown to be one of the strongest on our realm. Our raid team consists of multiple world class top 100 Raiders. We are currently 3/12M Ny'Alotha (7/8M EP & 9/9M BoD) with our eyes set on CE this tier! With our extremely knowledgeable community full of experience & strength we are sure to slay bosses quickly this tier.

Raid Schedule:
Friday 6-9PM Pacific Saturday 6-9PM Pacific

We are currently recruiting exceptional DPS HoA 75+ / ilvl 445+. Preferably a strong Shadow Priest, Warlock, Ele Shaman or Mage. Main roster positions are obtained & held by players consistent in attendance, performance, and mechanics. Keep in mind that all spots are competitive, and all applications are welcome. If you are interested, please fill out our guild application & contact one of our recruiters listed below (even if we didn't specify a need for your class). Thank you for considering Hero Academia as the right guild for you! We hope to see you in game!

Guild Contacts:
Zyríx - GM / Raid Lead : SgtRyan#1505
Nachostout - GM / Roster Lead : NachoStout#1719
Inzuu - Recruitment Lead : Inzuu#1186

Meet Our Heroes!

  • NachoStout


    Guild Master
  • Inzuu


    Recruitment Officer
  • Zyri


    Guild Master & Raid Leader
  • Holydustt


  • Whiskejack


  • Stones


  • Slyvanus


    Sentinel & Heroic Raid Leader
  • Jayhunter