Ny’alotha Senpai Raid Team Report Cards

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Ny’alotha Senpai Report Cards:

This report card is not a statement of your value to the guild as much as it is an opportunity for guild leadership to let you know what we think of you. That being said we can’t notice absolutely everything so if you feel you are underrated in a certain category please do not be upset! This report is for fun, and as mentioned above just to let you know what we’ve observed. That being said please use this report as an opportunity to realize and work on potential weaknesses. Below you will see actual report cards; click them to view them in a larger format.



Probably the most important quality in a raider is consistency. The ability to reliably show up for the guild every weekend and not waste your guildies’ time. This also encompasses your ability to project days you must miss and your ability to communicate that with the team. Thanks to those of you with good track records!



The willingness to log on and game with your fellow friends/guildies even toward the end of a tier when there isn’t much to do. Every extra guildy online makes the game feel a little bit more fun!



Raid can be very trying sometimes. Attitude ratings are based on players ability to take criticism and judgement during and post pull without lashing back, making excuses etc. It is important to remember we are all friends with the same goal in mind!



The comradery rating is based on willingness to help others when asked for it in guild chat. The willingness to log onto the game when another player asks for help on discord. Being there for your fellow guildies/friends.



This rating is pretty self explanatory; the member’s ability to comprehend and execute mechanics. Most of the time correctly performing mechanics is more critical then the damage you can pump. Always work to improve this rating.


Mythic Plus:

The Mythic plus rating is a score based on players ability to complete their +15s weekly without needing the guild to carry them, as well as players lust to push themselves and their characters as far as they can go. Always aim to improve your raider.io score!



This rating represents your ability to pump hard during our progression raid fights. Players with a higher score typically represent the ones who are pushing themselves to the limit to help push the bosses over, secure a kill, and hit those high parses!



Selflessness is a counter weight to Throughput. Sometimes players aren’t able to be the big pumpers, and we ask them to sacrifice a lot in order to handle mechanics and take a dip in their DPS or HPS. Your ability to make this sacrifice is what helps the team blast bosses. Thank you!



Throughout the expansion, we as players have been given countless currencies, essences, power bars, reputations and items to grind out. This score shows how well you shine in grinding against all of these elements to give your character that little bit of edge.



We love that you’re here, and that you spend your time with us as a guild. This score shows your dedication in terms of time in the guild. A larger number just represents that you’ve been here longer than someone else. We hope to see everyone at a 10!



Guild Masters